Shh, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about your order in our FAQ page below, helping keep your order as discrete and pleasurable as possible.

Cannot find the answers you’re looking for, go ahead and drop us a line.

We’ve got you, honey, you should expect to receive your delivery anytime between 24/48 hours after placing your order.

Currently, we accept ideal, credit cards and Paypal… happy shopping!

Nope! Not at all, feel free to shop away without any concerns on maximum or minimum spends.

We’ve got your back; all our orders will arrive wrapped in a completely anonymous package. Don’t worry; your pleasures are secret with us.

Our shipping works as follows…

– Anything below €15, your shipping costs will be €9.
– Between €15-€50, you’ll have a €6 shipping fee.
– Everything €50 and above, and (lucky you) will receive free shipping.

Welcome to the club lovely, we ship out your fantasies anywhere you wish in Europe.

We’re sorry to hear you wish to return your purchase.

Our return periods work as follows…
– If you’ve bought one of our products, but no longer wish to be in pleasure, heaven. Then, you’ll have 15 days to return your purchase.
– If your product sadly has broken, you’ll receive a 2-year warranty on your purchase so you can return within this period.
– Once you’ve received your purchase and happened to find it has been damaged during transport, then you’ll have 24 hours to make the return.

Sadly, we do have some products that cannot be returned, mainly for health and safety purposes (Sometimes pleasure comes with just a few rules). So, let’s get the serious part out of the way, shall we? You’re unable to return products that have been removed from their original packaging, opened or original seal removed. It’s the same story for any lingerie products. As mentioned, it’s all for health and safety purposes… we’re sorry. Neither do we accept returns that have been purchased not on our webshop. Our swanky products also include security mechanisms that do let us know whether you’ve bought your product through us or elsewhere.

Oh! We’re so sorry, generally from 1 to 5 working days. Don’t worry, we do try our best to push this as quickly as possible for you.

Girl, when it comes to personal hygiene, it’s essential. Keep the product stored in the original packaging and for transportation, purposes putting this into another box. Some box on box fun. You’ll also need to include all those precious accessories.

We’re saddened that on some occasions our little boxes of pleasure experience damages during transport. Do keep in mind, sometimes, external boxes can be damaged without affecting the products inside.

If you’re to find that your products are damaged inside, we’re on hand to help you sort this as swiftly as possible! We do ask, that if your products are damaged that you head across to your order, click the products affected, select return, finally from the possible reasons select ‘The products or order has arrived damaged/handled’. Then we will handle the rest!

Where do I send it? Oh, gosh, thank you! If you, please send any returns to the following address… – Ouddiemerlaan 535 1111 HH Diemen, The Netherlands.